Everything Open 2023

March 14-16 2023
Naarm (Melbourne), Australia

Welcome to Everything Open 2023

Linux Australia is excited to announce their new conference for 2023, Everything Open.

After the past two years of online conferences, Everything Open is an opportunity for our communities to come together for three days to share updates on their projects and learn about the latest in open technologies from leading community members.

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What does the conference cover?

Everything Open will cover a broad range of topics across three days. You can expect to see talks from all of these areas:


Learn about the Linux Kernel and the ecosystem around it, including distros, drivers and software.

Open Source Software

Keep up to date with the latest in open software, including programming languages, web technologies, containers, Kubernetes, etc.

Open Hardware

Learn about designing hardware using open source tools, putting it together, sharing designs under open licences.


Building and managing communities around open technologies.


Gallaries, Libraries, Archives and Museums - the impact and application of open source to our sustainable collecting and discovery practices.

Open Data

Exposing more data in an open manner, especially government datasets, for everyone to use.

and much, much more...

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About Everything Open

Everything Open is a conference focused on open technologies, including Linux, open source software, open hardware and open data, and the communities that surround them. The conference provides technical deep-dives as well as updates from industry leaders and experts on a wide array of topics from these areas.

Everything Open embodies Linux Australia's values, providing a space for the community to come together to learn from each other and participate in discussions.