Keynote: Lyndsey Jackson

March 3, 2023

Everything Open 2023 is excited to announce our second keynote speaker: Lyndsey Jackson.

About Lyndsey Jackson

Lyndsey is the CEO and Co-founder of AgTech business Platfarm. Lyndsey has been working with Open Source technologies for over 15 years, with involvement spanning many communities such as Drupal, GovHack, Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) and Open Agriculture. Living in regional South Australia, Lyndsey is passionate about bringing technology experiences to those living outside the major population centres in Australia, connecting them with the Open technology community and inspiring them to use technology to express themselves and realise their aspirations.

A committed advocate for inclusion, diversity, and digital skill development, she believes that broadening participation in tech has the power to enrich and transform regional lives, communities, economies, and main streets.

We look forward to hearing from Lyndsey at Everything Open 2023.

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