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  • Pia Andrews

    Pia Andrews

    Pia Andrews is an open government, digital transformation and data geek who has been trying to make the world a better place for over 25 years. She usually works within the (public sector) machine to transform public services, policies and culture through greater transparency, democratic engagement, citizen-centric design, open data, emerging technologies and real, actual innovation in the public sector and beyond. She believes that tech culture has a huge role to play in achieving better policy planning, outcomes, public engagement and a better public service all round. She is also trying to do her part in establishing greater public benefit from publicly funded data, software and research. Pia was recognised in 2018 and 2019 as one of the global top 20 most Influential in Digital Government and was awarded as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Women in Australia for 2014. Pia has also studied martial arts since 1990, and brings the philosophies and practices of Gung Fu and Chan Buddhism into her work every day.


Any software systems that use or have to be compliant to legislation or regulation ends up translating rules into code. But what if we had open source legislation as code as an public utility? What if we had an API for Australian legislation/regulation? We could build services to help people know their legal rights (like built on a community repository of legislation as code at, we could build modelling tools to understand the impact on people and communities of proposed changes (like, we could even test the outputs from government systems to ensure they are legally compliant, so we can be more empowered to audit and appeal the systems and services of government departments! This talk will present work from around the world on open source legislation/regulation as code, and invites you to participate in a building a community repository of legislation as code, here in Australia :) YouTube: LA Archive: