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  • Maksim Lin

    Maksim Lin

    Maksim is a freelance developer who over the years has worked on everything from phone exchanges to large corporate websites to mobile webapps and Android app development. Previously senior developer at the National Gallery of Victoria, he now specialises in Flutter development and currently works as a Developer Relations Engineer at Codemagic. He is involved in the Flutter community as a Flutter/Dart Google Developer Expert and co-organiser of the GDG Melbourne and Flutter Melbourne user groups.


Allow me to take you on a journey into the fascinating niche world of electronic music making using hardware synthesizers, samplers and drum machines. This talk will cover the ML-2 project which aims to create a DIY “groovebox” using only open source software. Along the way, we will discover what makes a groovebox tick (literally), reverse engineer strange vendor extensions to the MIDI protocol and learn how trackers didn’t disappear along with Amiga’s, why RPI’s taste better than they sound and how we can use a garbage collected language even when we need low latency audio playback. If most of those words don’t mean anything to you, you should still come along to this talk for plenty of blinking lights and some foot tapping tunes. YouTube: LA Archive: