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  • Maksim Lin

    Maksim Lin

    Maksim is a freelance developer who over the years has worked on everything from phone exchanges to large corporate websites to mobile webapps and Android app development. Previously senior developer at the National Gallery of Victoria, he now specialises in Flutter development and currently works as a Developer Relations Engineer at Codemagic. He is involved in the Flutter community as a Flutter/Dart Google Developer Expert and co-organiser of the GDG Melbourne and Flutter Melbourne user groups.


With Canonical adopting Flutter for its brand new Ubuntu OS installer and as a preferred SDK for future GUI app development and Flutter Linux being officially supported in the stable Flutter 3.0 release, Flutter is now ready for production use for Linux Desktop apps. From app idea to distribution, this workshop will teach attendees what they need to know to build native Linux desktop apps with Flutter. Attendees will come away from the session having covered how to: * Setup a development environment for Flutter development on their Linux computer and debug apps on the computer * The basics of Flutter app development * How to make use of specific Linux functionality (dbus, sound, bluetooth, etc) using Flutter plugins * How to make use of cross platform plugins to bring extra functionality into an app * Write unit and widget tests for the apps functionality * Run tests, build and package an app using a CI/CD service * Distribute the app to users in different formats such as Snaps in the Snapstore, AppImage’s etc. Attendee’s do not need any prior knowledge or experience in Flutter development but prior experience of GUI application development on any platform or with React-like UI frameworks will help attendees get the most out of the session.