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  • Kat Cain

    Kat Cain

    Kat is a Library Partner at Deakin University, with the collaborative and strategic focus of this role a great fit for her. Although Kat regularly experiences tech fails, overall aggravation and rabbit warren discussions about digital inequalities or complications, she still falls into a tech enthusiast camp. Kat has a long-standing interest in how technologies impact people and how people shape technology in turn. In previous Library roles, Kat has worked in the intersection of digital capabilities, literacies and capacity building. These experiences have resulted in current research into digital fluency models and digital learning approaches.


Deakin University’s ambition to be Australia’s most progressive and responsive university is grounded in an open agenda and inclusive education models. Deakin Library embodies this ambition though a staunch commitment to Open Education and Open Access resources and approaches. A concrete example of this is how Deakin Library is diving into a new area: co-creating and publishing open education resources. To support this work, Deakin Library facilitated seeding grants have helped with the development of a number of OER design projects.  Stimulated by previous collaborative projects, a 2022 project team formed around the new experience of designing and producing an education focused OER. Specifically, we created an interactive digital textbook focused on play-based teaching and learning. The team included academic content experts, visual design leads, developers and digital learning designer specialists. And we made sure to stick to our principles of inclusive education and co-design to make this book as accessible and helpful as possible. Come along to hear about the importance of being open by design and how a pedagogical approach of Immediate, Collaborative and Interactive (ICI) can shape OER creation. A quick tour the design steps, the technologies used and of the resource itself will form the core of this session. YouTube: LA Archive: