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  • Cameron Tudball

    Cameron Tudball

    Cameron has been working in the security and infrastructure space for several decades, with a current focus on security operations. When not collecting vendor certifications, he enjoys helping teams bake in security and operational best practices into their system architecture and process. In his spare time, Cameron likes finding new and interesting ways of breaking things. One day, he hopes to figure out how to fix them.


While the market for security tooling is vast and exhaustive, these tools are generally expensive and lock your security event data into your chosen solution. There have been many attempts to provide open standards for security and operational events in the past, however it has only been recently that we have seen these being supported by major vendors. This talk will discuss the options for using open standards to allow different tools to work together, and how you can build a security defence strategy while minimising vendor lock-in. It will also walk through some use cases on how utilising open standards can allow organisations to improve the management of their security posture. YouTube: LA Archive: