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  • Liz Stokes

    Liz Stokes

    Liz Stokes is an enthusiastic champion of building community and peer learning in open research tools and software. At the Australian Research Data Commons she leads key community outreach initiatives including the ResBaz Regional Network and a national partnership with The Carpentries. Liz likes cycling, crochet, karaoke and queer history, and always wants to know your book and podcast recommendations.


Have you ever gone to teach someone how to do something and become frustrated at the wide gulf between learner and instructor? Perhaps you’re excellent at one-on-one instruction, but put a class in front of you and suddenly you’re a bundle of nerves. The Carpentries teaches foundational coding and data science skills to researchers worldwide. Moreover,">The Carpentries Instructor Training program is a proven train-the-trainer method for teaching digital research skills, with a strong focus on open source software. Resonating with the spirit of MC Hammer, we encourages trainers to 'stop, collaborate and listen', using an evidence-based pedagogical approach. This year, the Australian Research Data Commons Carpentries Partnership will focus on helping new instructors across Australia to prepare and deliver their first workshops, and foster Carpentries communities in their local areas. This talk will talk about why people become Carpentries instructors, what programming challenges researchers face, and what key things make a difference when you’re building a supportive community. YouTube: LA Archive: