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  • Daniel Black

    Daniel Black

    Daniel got addicted to open source contributing with Gentoo Linux in its early days, and drifted around the open source savanna until landing a DBA job. Doing mostly DBA work but sideline of contributing MariaDB patches was hard to maintain, 7 years later he's at the MariaDB Foundation contributing full time and supporting related aspects of the software ecosystem. The board direction of openness, adoption and continuity enables Daniel to perform a lot of community engagement online, helping users out, and facilitating the innovation of MariaDB and its ecosystem. With other members of the Foundation he helps out with contributors making MariaDB code changes. When taking a break he most enjoys playing with his two dogs, Jovie and Zeus.


Now that we're at our next long term release in 10.11 its time we sat down and relish in the very delicious database changes of MariaDB, by MariaDB and community developers and community. A UUID Type salad, some GRANT TO PUBLIC eels, System Versioned tables with modification bread rolls. There are some of the very new and delicious things added to MariaDB since its last (10.6) long term support release in 2021. But what else I hear you ask? There's some meaty InnoDB fast loading improvements, more JSON fruity platters, UCA 14.0, MASTER_DEMOTE pâté, and a bit of InnoDB memory politeness in a flan. Am I going to do all the spoilers in the abstract? No way. Come to the talk for more yummy surprises. Follow along with: YouTube: LA Archive: