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  • Ivan Velickovic

    Ivan Velickovic

    Ivan Velickovic is a junior operating systems engineer at the Trustworthy Systems research group at UNSW Sydney. His current work is primarily on virtualisation and device drivers on the seL4 microkernel. His current goal is to use and develop a minimal OS on top of seL4 called the seL4 Core Platform to enable reliable and performant virtual machines and device drivers. Prior to this work, Ivan completed his Bachelor's in Computer Science at UNSW Sydney.

  • Lucy Parker

    Lucy Parker

    Lucy is an operating systems engineer in the Trustworthy Systems group and a student at UNSW. Her experience lies largely in designing and developing user level device drivers on top of the seL4 microkernel.


Unlike most modern day kernels, seL4 does not enforce policy on user-level software. Its low-level interfaces give freedom and power to user level applications. However, this comes at the cost of a very steep learning curve when developing correct and performant systems on top of seL4. The seL4 Core Platform provides the tools to easily build a complete system on seL4 while leveraging seL4's high security and performance. In this talk, we'll walk through the seL4 Core Platform and how to use it to build secure, high-performing systems, and present an architecture (the seL4 Device Driver Framework) that can be used for high-throughput network applications in an embedded environment. YouTube: LA Archive: