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  • Owen Lansbury

    Owen Lansbury

    Owen has worked for global digital firms since the early 1990s before co-founding PreviousNext in 2009. With a background in user experience design, his focus these days is on sustainable business and open source community management. He was a founder of the DrupalSouth Steering Committee and was appointed to the global Drupal Association Board of Directors in 2019.


Many business owners view open source code contribution on company time as a drain on billable hours. As a company committed to the Drupal open source project, PreviousNext has had a formalised approach to code contribution baked into company culture, policies and processes. Rather than being a cost to the company, its helped us retain staff at a rate that's almost triple the industry average, high levels of profitability and retention of long term clients. This talk will share the details of how we did this within our own company and how it can be applied to your own company or team tomorrow. It will also explore how company sponsored contribution is the key to the longevity and viability of many open source projects, not just Drupal. YouTube: LA Archive: