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  • Alistair Chapman

    Alistair Chapman

    Alistair Chapman is an Australian Information Security engineer and .NET developer. As well as working in InfoSec, Alistair has also been building, contributing and maintaining open source projects for the last decade, working with a variety of different projects and communities in the .NET ecosystem and beyond. Alistair’s current passions are security architecture, cross-platform .NET, containerisation and DevOps automation. By day however, Alistair is a Senior Cloud Security Engineer at Red Hat specializing in incident response and security architecture for public and hybrid cloud environments based in Brisbane, Australia.


This talk will be a broad rundown of all the new and exciting ways that things can go wrong in your security when working in the open. Based on years of experience with security in both open source and closed software organisations, Alistair will present a view of how information security detection and response changes when building open source software and working with the open source community. In particular, we'll be looking at the areas where traditional approaches to security will fall short, and what you can do to head off the most common threats facing open source development work. Whether you're a developer building OSS, an admin running infrastructure for open source organisations, or a security professional trying to keep abreast of our evolving threat landscape, you'll get to hear about all the unique security challenges of open source, and what you need to do to get ahead of them. YouTube: LA Archive: