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  • Tara Barnett

    Tara Barnett

    Tara Barnett, a librarian and FOLIO Services Analyst at Index Data, works with FOLIO customers and the FOLIO community.


When a group of librarians and software developers became frustrated with the ever-narrowing market for automation tech, they decided to make a new product AND a whole new marketplace, collectively owned by everyone. The result was FOLIO. FOLIO (The Future of Libraries is Open) is an open collaboration that spans commercial companies, libraries, and others. And it works: today, over 60 libraries worldwide are using the system. The US Library of Congress recently decided to adopt FOLIO as its core collection management tool. In Australia, CAVAL was the first to implement FOLIO recognizing the value of giving ownership back to the community. FOLIO is not only open source, it is also a fundamentally community-driven initiative. From the beginning, the FOLIO community understood that it was crucial that the people who would be using the system every day have a sense of ownership and agency within the project. Through Special Interest Groups (SIGs) covering different areas of expertise, the community works directly with product designers and development teams to oversee the apps specific to their interests, with product and technical committees keeping the project oriented in terms of strategic direction and good technical choices. During this talk, we will discuss the FOLIO ILS, the FOLIO community, and FOLIO users, exploring the space where the three meet. Tara Barnett, a librarian and an implementation coordinator at Index Data, will bring her unique perspective on FOLIO, discussing the challenges of working with an open source ILS and in an open community. Index Data has worked on the FOLIO project from its inception and helped design the core architecture of FOLIO and the first apps. This discussion will be of value not only to those in the library community, but to anyone interested in how diverse open source communities work together overall. YouTube: LA Archive: