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  • William Brown

    William Brown

    William is a Senior Software Engineer at SUSE Labs where he specialises in developing opensource identity management systems. As the creator of Kanidm and Webauthn for Rust, a W3C Webauthn Participant, a member of the 389 Directory Server team, and a former system administrator at a Group of Eight University, he has extensive experience in the IDM space. When not working on authentication, he can probably be found doing flips and spins on a pole.


Many people and businesses are starting to talk about Passkeys, Webauthn, FIDO and more. With a veritable tsunami of jargon in the space it can be hard to determine what is important - and what's marketing or opinion. In this session we'll peel back all the layers - We will examine how Webauthn works, what makes it impossible to phish, what are passkeys, how you can distinguish the truth from the hype, and how can you start to use webauthn to replace passwords and totp in your projects and systems. YouTube: LA Archive: