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  • Astri Cornish

    Astri Cornish

    Astri Cornish wears lots of hats, but ultimately she is passionate about making cutting-edge technologies useful and supporting others in similar pursuits. At IBM Quantum, Astri is responsible for growing and engaging the Qiskit community in Australia to advance Quantum Computing.


Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionise fields, including those in chemistry and machine learning, and solve problems that the computers we know of today cannot feasibly tackle. However, learning to program quantum computers can be intimidating for those without a background in quantum physics. Qiskit [kiss-kit], an open-source quantum computing framework developed by IBM and contributed to by a vibrant community, makes it easier for developers to get started with quantum programming whether they know quantum physics or not.  In this hands-on tutorial, quantum-curious developers will dive into quantum computing and Qiskit, learn the basics of quantum circuits and algorithms, write and run their own programs on real quantum computers, as well as be introduced to some of the new software developments at the forefront of making quantum computers useful. Participants will walk away with a foundational understanding of quantum computing with Qiskit and be able to dive deeper into this exciting and rapidly-developing technology. At least a foundational knowledge of Python is highly recommended. Prior to the tutorial, please create a free IBM Quantum Experience account at and bring a laptop.