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  • Tishampati Dhar

    Tishampati Dhar

    Tishampati Dhar is an independent consultant assisting all sorts of businesses from manufacturing oriented multi-national enterprises to early stage startups in navigating growth and transformation in the shifting sands of technology. He believes good products are not actually about technology, but about the teams of humans who built them and how committed they are to making the world a better place. He has grown up across continents and cultures, some which are resource poor and some which are wasteful. He would like to use the perspective gained through the diverse experience in bringing about a more equitable society and letting technology enable humans to be more human and less robotic.


One of the solutions to increasing fuel costs and congestion/pollution from vehicle usage is to ride more. However the safety of bike users on Australian roads is primarily guaranteed by separation from cars. The project being presented here logs and assesses passing distance between 2 road users to improve road safety. There is currently no easily available device to collect this dataset and this project undertook development of a custom instrument to be installed on bikes for this purpose. The design tools used for electrical CAD (KiCAD), mechanical CAD (FreeCAD) and firmware (MicroPython) on the device are all open-source. This talk presents design principles of this device, parameters of the study and future iterations on the design. The final hardware is anticipated to be made open-source for replication of this research in other jurisdictions. YouTube: LA Archive: